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Ballahowe provides a wide range of services for the competitive and pleasure equestrian.  We enjoy sharing the pleasure of owning competition horses with our dedicated and supportive owner group and strive to produce calm, competitive horses that are a pleasure to own. From time to time we offer our youngstock and going horses for sale so if you are after a special horse contact us to see what is available. Payment plans on youngstock available.

Rider Coaching & Bit Fitting

Dressage, show jumping and cross country lessons are available for riders of levels from both Ballahowe and other venues. A full range of bits for onsite fitting. Contact us for details and/or clinic bookings 0409 951141

Breaking in & further training

We take horses for breaking in following the system developed by AEBC and also take horses for further education.

Competition Horses

From time to time we sell our horses so if your in the market for a cool calm performer contact us.  We take on horse to compete for owners and run a cost competitive owner program for those wishing to be involved in the sport in a cost effective way.

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